Company History

Busy Bea’s incorporated March 17, 2000 as a residential cleaning company.  Everyone asks who is Bea?  When I was coming up with a name for the company, my mother in law told me to start the name with an “A” for listings but I could not come up with a name that people liked and that the .com was available so I moved onto the “Bs”.  I thought of Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith show that everyone liked and trusted and came up with Busy Bea’s.  I followed that by Services which was broader and would not restrict us in Services offered.  With that I had a co-worker whom doodled and I asked him to draw a modern “Aunt Bea”.  He drew 12 faces, I asked for 6 more than cut the eyes out of one and put them over another and with that created our logo that we have had since the beginning.

A great moment in Busy Beas' Company History: Ribbon Cutting CeremonyIn 2002 we started transitioning to commercial and sold our residential division in 2004.  Since then we have expanded significantly in medical which is now more than a third of our business and  expanded in manufacturing and other industries.  We have also continued to expand in territory covered and in 2014 expanded to the east side of the state.

We experienced a boost in growth beginning in 2012 when we were honored with the EPIC Award from the GR Chamber for Woman Owned Business of the Year and the State of MI Entrepreneur of Distinction from Corp Magazine.  From then one we have continued to be honored with Awards, radio and TV interviews and take great pride in all of our team contributing to our growth.

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