Diversity and Inclusion

Busy Beas BuffingBusy Bea’s Services embraces EEO legal requirements but goes beyond that in our non discrimination policy and inclusiveness to include all that can do the job and contribute to our company’s success including gays and lesbians. We consciously target racial diversity in our hiring practices for candidates equally qualified. We believe a diverse company is a stronger company that generates more ideas and can better compete for the best employees. We also include and hire special needs employees where we can provide appropriate supervision at all times. We are very team driven and dignity and respect for everyone else in the company is absolutely critical for effective team work and for cohesion and camaraderie. Discrimination or bullying will lead to dismissal and is not tolerated.

Suppliers and their diversity policies is one of our criteria in determining whom we will do business with. When looking at new suppliers I have asked those suppliers to describe to me what their policies are regarding diversity, corporate social responsibility including giving back to the community, and their environmental policies. When purchasing a large amount of office furniture, I asked all of the above questions to two different furniture companies and got very different responses which made it clear to me which company to use. I have also entered into conversations with suppliers on the subject encouraging diversity.

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